Ruzic: We are implementing reforms to the benefit of citizens

Minister of State Administration and Local Self-Government, Branko Ruzic has spoken with the new Head of EU Delegation to Serbia, Sem Fabrizi, about the activities of the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government and on this occasion, he pointed out that the system and people’s mentality are both being changed through the reforms.

Minister Ruzic has stressed that public administration reform is one of three pillars of European enlargement policy and that we are looking up to the EU in this field.

“Serbian Government is aware of the importance of the reform of state and local administration and public services, and its positive effects on the quality of services provided to citizens and the economy, and on the rationalization of budgetary expenditures,” said Ruzic. “By preparing and issuing legislation governing the foundations of this system, we have started this reform from the ground up, not only because of the European path, but because of ourselves.” The Minister stated that, for this purpose, a set of about 18 pieces of legislation enabling efficient administration and services closer to the citizens and economy, and better exercise of the rights of citizens and national minorities, were passed or are the preparation stage.

Ambassador Fabrizzi has agreed that public administration reforms are crucial for Serbia and for negotiations with the EU, and praised the Minister for his efforts. “Public administration reform is a very complex but necessary process in Serbia as well as in EU member states. Public administration reform aims to increase the efficiency and transparency of public administration, strengthen the trust of Serbian citizens, the private sector and foreign investors, and the sustainability of finances” stated Sem Fabrizzi. He expressed expectations that the reforms will continue according to the plan of the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government and the Ministry of Finance.

The reform of public, and further processes of optimization and professionalization of the state administration, will remain a priority of the Ministry and this Government in the future, because they are one of the pillars of reforms in the process of accession of the Republic of Serbia to the EU. The support of the EU Delegation is of great importance for the accession process because a permanent and constructive dialogue has been established.

Minister Ruzic thanked the European Union for the very significant support provided to Serbia through numerous projects aimed at reforming and optimizing public administration and strengthening the capacities of local self-governments. The European Union has provided € 80 million in grants for public administration reform only through sector budget support. The Minister said that the Ministry is preparing several more projects for which it will seek the support of the European Union.