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The Secretary of the ministry

Stanija Višekruna

 Stanija Višekruna

Stanija Višekruna was born in 1957 in Gornji Milanovac.

She graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Kragujevac and passed the bar examination in 1989. She completed the general training for mediators and the specialized training for brokers-mediators for the consensual financial restructuring of companies. She was a member of the City Election Commission from 2008 until 2014.

In the period 1985-2002, she worked as a legal officer, the head of the Legal and Human Resources Department, and the Secretary and the manager of the “Beoturs’’ A.D. Belgrade.

From March 2002 until December 2013, she worked as a Deputy Secretary of the Secretariat for Economy, City Administration of the City of Belgrade, and then, since May 2014, she has been the head of the Department of Legislative Affairs in the Communal Police of the City Administration of the City of Belgrade.

Married, mother of a son.

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