The Administrative Inspectorate

nenad sarkocevic

Nenad Šarkočević

Director of The Administrative Inspectorate

The Administrative Inspectorate supervises the work and actions of state administration bodies, the services of courts, public prosecutors’ offices and the Republic Public Attorney’s Office, services of the National Assembly, the President of the Republic, the Government and the Constitutional Court and services of the bodies whose members are appointed by the National Assembly, as well as bodies of territorial autonomy and local self-government units.


The Administrative Inspectorate controls whether these bodies operate in compliance with the regulations governing public administration, employment relations in state authorities and local self-government authorities, general administrative proceedings and special administrative proceedings, the design and use of the national coat of arms, the national flag and the national anthem of the Republic of Serbia, official use of languages and scripts, official stamps of public and other authorities, electoral registers and central records, political parties and associations and freedom of information.


It is a subordinated body of the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government formed under the Law on Administrative Inspection, but it also has outposts outside of the Ministry’s head office. For more information, consult the Information Directory on the work of the Administrative Inspectorate.

8 Dečanska st. 11000 Belgrade


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