Minister Ružić talks to representatives of nordic countries about digitalization in Serbia

Minister of Public Administration and Local Self-Government Branko Ružić talked before ambassadors of the Nordic countries in Belgrade about digitalization and emphasized the importance of a modern, professional and efficient administration for overall progress of the country and for EU membership. “Without digitalization, no economy, no company and even no individual can develop their full potentials today. Digitalization is now essential for every activity and it has significantly changed the manner we provide services to our clients, whatever segment might be in question”, said the Minister, emphasizing that clients of administration are all citizens of Serbia. Explaining that efficient administration is essential for attracting investments, which contributed to improved living standard, and that efficient administration was also crucial for EU accession, Minister Ružić said that a number of legal arrangements had been passed in the several previous years which determined strategic directions in the field of digitalization, that regulation of databases and registers had been initiated and that the Register of Population would also soon be introduced, as well as that this Ministry had helped municipalities and cities/towns to develop eGovernment. He also announced that a public call would be published this week for municipalities and cities/towns to design an administrative “one-stop shop” under the pilot projects, thus reducing the number of different locations citizens have to visit in order to complete their affairs with the public administration.

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