Ministry Of Public Administration And Local Self-government most open institution in region again this year

The Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government, led by Minister Branko Ružić, has the highest openness index – 79.49 percent, which is the highest score among all institutions of countries in the region. These are the results of a survey “Regional Openness Index” carried out by the Centre for Research, Transparency and Accountability (CRTA) from December 2017 to February 2018. According to these results, Serbia ranks second in the region measured by the openness index for ministries. The regional openness index measures openness of institutions in the Western Balkans according to the four principles: transparency, accessibility, integrity and effectiveness. In the total score, it shows the level of openness of the Western Balkans countries towards citizens and the society. Transparency relates to availability and publishing of organizational information and information on the budget and public procurements, where the Ministry received the index of 77.84 percent. The highest transparency in 2017 was achieved in the segment publishing of information on the budget of the institution – 90.87 percent, while the second-best result was scored in publishing of organizational information – 73.53 percent. The accessibility principle includes compliance with procedures for free access to information and improvement of availability of information through the public debate mechanism and strengthening interaction with citizens. Ministry’s index in this field is 77.78 percent, while the best score of 100 percent was achieved in the field of providing access to information of public importance generated in the Ministry’s work. On the other hand, the Ministry achieved the score of 73.91 percent in interaction with citizens, while the score achieved in organisation and conducting of public debates was 55.56 percent. The integrity criterion includes anti-corruption mechanisms, application of codes of ethics and regulation of lobbying. The Ministry here scored 68.75 percent. In the field of effectiveness, which includes monitoring and evaluation of policies and reporting on their implementation, in 2017 the Ministry achieved the score of 100 percent because it regularly measures effects of application of implemented policies and public policy programmes. It should be noted that the regional research team, based on experiences and findings of measurements performed in 2016, improved the methodology for monitoring openness of institutions. The survey conducted for 2017 also included indicators promoting a higher standard of proactive transparency. The survey was also conducted in Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and the so-called Kosovo by organisations from the Action SEE network, which also includes CRTA as its member.

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