The government proceeds with the policy of compliance with minority rights

Today, The Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia, Ana Brnabić, has said that the National Minority Council is of great importance for our country and that the Government’s policy is based on tolerance, respect for the rights of national minorities and their integration into a wider social community. Brnabić, who chaired the Council for the third time, stressed that the level of discrimination against minority groups and persons belonging to national communities is in decline; however, to become a fully inclusive society we have much more to do. She informed the representatives of national minority councils about the significance of the project’s Address Register, jointly implemented by the Republic Geodetic Authority, the Post of Serbia, the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities and local self-governments. The updating of the address register is another important step towards the introduction of order in the state and modernization of the public administration, the Prime Minister pointed out, explaining that this will enable the state to provide efficient and easily accessible services to the citizens and the economy. The Prime Minister also reminded that the public consultations on the Draft Law on Amendments to the Law on National Minority Council were conducted in the period from March 29 to April 18. State authorities, AP Vojvodina authorities, national minority councils, political parties and movements, associations, citizens and individuals took part in the public consultations. Brnabić emphasized that the plan is to hold elections for national minority councils by the end of this year. The Minister of Public Administration and Local Self-Government, Branko Ružić, reminded that at the last session of the Council it was decided that information in minority languages ​​ should remain a priority area for financing from the Budget Fund for National Minorities in 2018. The Budget Fund was increased 12 times as compared to the previous year and now amounts to RSD 21.8 million. Ružić said that a call was announced on May 7 for the allocation of funds from the Budget Fund for National Minorities for programs and projects in the field of information in minority languages in 2018. The Acting Director of the Office for Human and Minority Rights, Suzana Paunović, presented the Sixth Statement on Implementation of the Action Plan for the Realization of Rights of National Minorities, stressing that the Seventh Report, whose presentation is scheduled for early June, is being prepared.

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