Human resource management and professional training

An indispensable part of the public administration reform in Serbia is the improvement of human resources management and the creation of a system for the continuous professional development of civil servants.


A new approach to human resource management in public administration is based on competencies and aims to develop the full potential of each civil servant, who through continuous development of his /her abilities gives full contribution to the creation of an ADMINISTRATION TO ALL OF US.


In order to better select and retain staff, evaluate the work of employees and create an environment that stimulates personal development, knowledge and skills development and career building, a number of laws have been introduced in order to involve the competence system into all human resource management functions. Special attention is paid to the procedure of recruitment or filling of civil servants’ posts in executive positions, as well as on positions – the employment system is being improved in accordance with the principles of transparency and merit, through the strengthening of the tender procedure.


Professional development and investment in human resources has long been considered an investment that provides results and performance in any sphere of business. That is why today the most successful administrative systems in Europe and the world are those who have paid special attention to this issue and have established mechanisms for continuous monitoring of needs and capacity building through professional development based on quality control.


Based on these principles, in accordance with the Public Administration Reform Strategy in the Republic of Serbia, the Strategy for Professional Development of Civil Servants in the Republic of Serbia and the Strategy for Professional Development of Employees in Local Government Units in the Republic of Serbia, the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self Government started the overall reform of the field of professional development and has an active role in creating and establishing a new system of professional development. The aim is to provide this system with equal access to the right and the same quality of professional development for all employees in public administration. To provide uniform standards and criteria for professional development and to harmonize professional development programs in topics that are common or featured by most users in public administration. A network of implementers of the program of professional development and quality assurance both of the professional development program and of those who implement them are established.


One of the results of the reform processes in this area is the establishment of the National Academy of Public Administration as the central institutions of the system of professional development in the public administration of the Republic of Serbia – with the status of a publicly recognized organizer of the activities of non-formal adult education, the work of which is supervised by the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government.


In these reform activities, the Ministry is supported by the European Union and other international donors.
Also, as a result of good bilateral relations between the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Korea, officials, as well as citizens, there is also a Serbian-Korean IT access center. The SKIP Center is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and training in the field of information technology. The center is focused on the promotion of new technologies in general and hosts free training for citizens.

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