Open Government Partnership

Open Government Partnership (OGP) – an international initiative aimed at providing support and greater engagement of governments around the world in order to improve the integrity, transparency, efficiency and accountability of public authorities, through building public confidence, cooperating with organizations civil society, empowerment of citizens in governance, fight against corruption, access to information, use of new technologies, all in order to achieve more effective and responsible work of public authorities.


The partnership was established on September 20, 2011, when the Declaration of Partnership for Open Administration was adopted by eight governments. Today, there are 79 participating countries and 20 local communities. Serbia joined the Initiative in the first year of work in 2012.


As a participant in this global initiative, the Republic of Serbia supports the basic values contained in the Declaration of the OGP, which are in line with the implementation of the general goal of the public administration reform of the Republic of Serbia – ensuring high quality services to citizens and businesses and creating a public administration that will significantly contribute to economic stability and increasing the standard of living of citizens.


The OGP represents a platform for cooperation between the administration and the citizens to improve transparency, accountability and efficiency of the public administration, as well as an international forum for dialogue and exchange of experience between the administration, civil society organizations, citizens and the private sector.


So far, the Republic of Serbia has drafted three action plans. From the period when the first Action Plan was adopted to date, implementation of the Open Access Partnership initiative has been raised to a higher level, the level of awareness of state authorities regarding this initiative has been raised and cooperation with civil society has improved significantly, which is one of the main principles of the open administration in Serbia.

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