Reform of labor-legal relations and wage systems

The reform of labor relations and salaries is part of a comprehensive public administration reform in the Republic of Serbia, which began with the adoption of the Public Administration Reform Strategy in 2014.


Reform, on the one hand, is aimed at creating a more efficient, professional and modern administration that is the essential service of citizens and businessmen. On the other hand, it allows the state to better manage the money of citizens of Serbia, management personnel, policies and organize a higher level of service provision.


With the aim of establishing a harmonized public administration based on merit and improvement of human resources management, in 2016, the umbrella Law on the Public Sector Salary System was adopted, and then a series of laws were introduced that introduce the system of competences into all human resource management functions.


The reform of the salary system establishes a single monitoring of the jobs, ie positions, rank, position and functions in the public sector, as well as the jobs that are performed and the amount of the basic salary of those employed at these jobs, respectively in the appropriate titles, ranks, positions and functions of jobs are performed. To this end, a General Job Catalog is established.

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