Building the system which will deliver better services to citizens

Draft acts on public service employees and public sector salary system allow for fairness, transparency, better organization and financial management of public services, which ultimately contributes to better quality of services provided by the state to citizens and the businesses,” said Minister of Public Administration and Local Sampaigns Branko Ruzic on the occasion of the current public debate on draft acts governing the system of employment in public services prepared by this ministry.

Ruzic pointed out that the goal is to create a good basis for efficient public administration, enable selection of the best personnel, ensure impartiality and political neutrality in performing jobs, enable better organization of public services, and establish a performance appraisal and reward system.

The Minister stressed that the reforms of labour relations and salaries in public services are necessary, not only due to European integration process, but because the regulation of this area has profound, positive consequences for our society. “The organization of the system and the evaluation of work in healthcare sector, education sector, social protection sector and other public services and the quality of services provided by public services to citizens should become a mirror of the organization and efficiency of the state. Our goal is to have satisfied citizens, whom we provide services, and employees, who provide these services to citizens. Therefore, we are building a system that will enable it,” said Ruzic.