The Sector for Local Self-Government System

pomocnik ministra sasa mogic

Saša Mogić

Assistant Minister

The Sector for Local Self-Government System performs duties pertaining to: the system of local self-government and territorial autonomy and territorial organisation of the Republic of Serbia.


It prepares regulations which govern the election of local self-government bodies and oversees the legality of operations and bylaws of local self-government units.


The Sector provides support to local self-government units to address sector-specific issues, builds the capacities of local self-government units, monitors the number of employees at local self-government units and prepares Decisions by which the Government approves new employment and hiring.


The Sector promotes cooperation between local self-government units and local self-governments in other countries, regionally, in Europe and internationally, as well as cooperation between local self-government units, community self-governments and national authorities.

3 Koče Popovića st. 11 000 Belgrade


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