The European Commission has approved the payment of funds in the amount of EUR 11 million to Serbia on the basis of the Fourth Self-assessment Report on the Implementation of the Sectoral Reform Agreement for Public Administration and Public Finance Reform for 2020 and the first quarter of 2021. With the payment of the aforementioned amount, the Sector Reform Agreement has been fully realized.

Every year, the Republic of Serbia prepares a Self-assessment Report on the Implementation of the Sectoral Reform Agreement, starting in 2017, while the entire process is coordinated by the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government (MDULS). With the successful implementation of the reform and adequate verification of the achieved progress, Serbia has, based on four submitted Self-Assessment Reports, thus far withdrawn EUR 63 million of direct budget support, out of a total of EUR 80 million, while the remaining amount of EUR 17 million is directed to technical support projects whose beneficiaries are all institutions that implement this reform.

The sectoral budget support, which is implemented through the Sectoral Reform Agreement signed in 2016, has proven to be the most efficient instrument of support for the implementation of Public Administration Reform, and at the same time a very important model of budget contribution. With the support provided by the European Union to Serbia, through the aforementioned instrument, an essential momentum has been given to reforms and significant steps have been made in building an “Administration tailored to all of us”.

The commitment and dedication of the Government of the Republic of Serbia to the continuation of Public Administration Reform have been confirmed through the application for the new Sectoral Budget Support Instrument, for which the Ministry has applied from the IPA 2022 financial perspective. The strengthened capacities of national institutions and the credibility of the new strategic framework in the field of Public Administration Reform are preconditions that have been met and notified by the European Union in all relevant reports. The partnership between the Republic of Serbia and the European Union shall continue during the implementation of the next instrument, with close cooperation on the path to achieving a common goal – a modern, professional, efficient and responsible public administration.

“By payment of the last tranche in the amount of EUR 11 million, Serbia has fully used the funds provided by the Sectoral Reform Agreement. With the progress made in the implementation of Public Administration Reform, we have managed to provide EUR 63 million of direct support to the budget, while the remaining amount of EUR 17 million is used by our administration in the form of very important complementary support projects. The successful implementation of this complex instrument of support is the best indicator of the strengthened capacities of national institutions, but also of our strong commitment to continue to build “administration tailored to all of us” in partnership with the EU. Despite many challenges, we have worked through teamwork to improve many aspects of public administration, such as service provision, human resource management, accountability, public finance and public policy management. I would especially like to highlight the results in the field of eGovernment, which have proven to be crucial for a quick and efficient response of our administration to the crisis caused by COVID-19 pandemic. By putting citizens and their needs at the centre of our reform ambitions, we are directly contributing to raising the quality of life and further economic development of society, with a clear vision and unequivocal commitment to ensure further progress of Serbia in respect of European integration,” the Minister of Public Administration and Local Self-government, Marija Obradović, has stated on this occasion.

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