“I am glad that today, in Kruševac, on the day we celebrate Vidovdan, a very significant holiday in Serbia and for Serbian people, the state President Aleksandar Vučić and the Government of the Republic of Serbia are also present. “Vidovdan is a symbol of great suffering, but also a symbol of freedom, and today the Government will present numerous projects that were worked on in the previous period to the citizens of Kruševac, to see what we and President Vučić have done,” said Minister of State Administration and Local Self-Government Marija Obradović after the Special Session of the Government in Kruševac.

During her visit to the settlement of Marko Orlović, accompanied by State Secretaries Maja Mačužić Puzić and Stevan Gligorin, she visited the Roma Cultural Center, the reconstruction of which was partly financed from the Ministry’s budget, where she talked with the President of the National Council of the Roma National Minority in Serbia, Dalibor Nakić, and the residents of this settlement.

“We are at the service of the citizens and only thanks to them and their demands, did we managee to do all this.” The Ministry of State Administration and Local Self-Government has opened a Roma cultural center here, in the Roma settlement of Marko Orlović, and what is important for this settlement is that it stands out both in terms of infrastructure and activities that are promoted in it, “Obradović pointed out.

She thanked the city administration of Kruševac, which recognized the appeals of the Roma community, which indicated what money should be invested in. Obradović pointed out that the people who live in this settlement know that it is only through education and struggle that they can make progress, because the settlement that has potential has now received an arranged space for its realization. She said that it is important for the state that every citizen can progress and realize himself in his full capacity.

“The essence of the whole ordeal is what the president recently talked about, and that is the struggle and pledge for children, and there are a lot of children here, and all of them must have the opportunity to be educated and for their life to take place in decent, urban conditions.” Members of the Roma national minority are equal to all other citizens, and what is especially important to me is that the voice of Roma is heard and that they want to have the same rights as other citizens of Serbia, for which they have strong support from the Ministry and my personal support. The state is there for all its citizens and they must know that,” Obradović concluded.

After visiting the Roma Cultural Center in the Marko Orlović settlement, where over 2,000 Roma from Kruševac live,  Minister Obradović also visited the Tubing Trail in the Bagdalino Sports and Recreational Park, the renovation of which was also financed from the Ministry’s budget.

On that occasion, she praised Kruševac, as one of the most active local governments in Serbia, one which continuously works on raising the quality of services that the public sector provides to citizens and the economy.

“This is one of the first local self-governments in Serbia when it comes to modernizing work. They were among the first to open a single administrative place, which provided citizens with a faster and more efficient service, and they are among the first at all trainings that we organize to improve the work of local self-government units,” Obradović pointed out.

She stated that the citizens of Kruševac can be proud of their city, and the Ministry, by financing such projects, shows how important young people are and that, like the city, it strongly helps raise the birth rate and give birth to children in this area.

Today, Minister Obradović attended the Special Session of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, which was held in Kruševac on the occasion of Vidovdan, which is also celebrating its 650th anniversary, and which was attended by the President of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić.

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