The Minister of Public Administration and Local Self-Government, Aleksandar Martinović, PhD, has sent Christmas greetings to His Holiness the Serbian Patriarch, Mr. Porfirije, the clergy and monks of the Serbian Orthodox Church, and all believers in the Republic of Serbia who celebrate Christmas according to the Julian calendar.

“The holiday during which we celebrate the birth of Christ encourages us to preserve the traditional values which are deeply rooted in the spirit of our society and people. On this day, in the spirit of community and friendship, we celebrate life and repeatedly remind ourselves how important it is for us to cultivate tolerance, mercy and peace as the most valuable virtues.

I wish all believers who celebrate Christmas tomorrow to spend it in the circle of their loved ones, and for this most joyous Christian holiday to bless them with health, joy and well-being.

Only united can we persevere in the fight for the interests of our people and proudly move forward towards the achievement of newly-set goals. May the strength of faith and love guide us in the challenging times ahead of us.

Merry Christmas!”

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