The Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government established today the Contact Center that will be available to all actors, i.e. political parties, coalitions of political parties and groups of citizens, after the announcement of the elections and during the election campaign, in order to submit complaints regarding the impossibility of using premises publicly owned by the local self-government units.

All irregularities related to the violation of the right to use public premises during the election campaign can be reported to the phone numbers 064/8177404 and 064/8177423, and the ministry will resolve received reports in direct communication with local self-government units.

The Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government launched the Contact Center for receiving complaints in order to additionally ensure equal conditions for all participants in the elections for the implementation of the election campaign, as well as exercising the rights of actors in the election process to have equal access and use of public premises through this mechanism.

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