“I expect that eFaktura (e-invoice) will be just one in a series of services that shall make life easier for our citizens, because Serbia is unstoppably moving forward towards a better tomorrow, with progress in all fields still ahead of us. The implementation of the eFaktura system is one of the most significant, innovative tools which facilitates and accelerates the work of public administration bodies”, the State Secretary of the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government, Maja Mačužić Puzić, has said at the meeting “Application of Electronic Invoicing System”, which was organized today for the representatives of local self-governments by the Ministry of Finance and NALED.

She has added that the public sector in Serbia should ready itself for transition onto this modern way of working and, in accordance with the slogan ADMINISTRATION TAILORED TO ALL OF US, to also show in this field that it is indeed a real service to its economy and its citizens. Mačužić Puzić has invited all cities and municipalities in Serbia to prepare for this systemic change, so that in next year they could save time and money of both the citizens and the economy, and also of the state..

“The goal of the Public Administration Reform Strategy is to reduce the administrative burden on citizens and the economy by at least a quarter by 2030, and I sincerely hope that eFaktura will significantly contribute to that goal. Thus, we can count on the reduction in the scope of grey economy and more efficient supervision over money transactions and tax collection,” Mačužić Puzić has pointed out.

She has stated that the Republic of Serbia has made many efforts in order to modernize the work of public administration, and has achieved admirable results in the digital dimension of the reforms thanks, above all, to the establishment of a large number of electronic registers, simplified and digitized administrative procedures and unified procedures, and especially thanks to the efficient exchange of data between civil servants.

“The Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government has recognized the importance and impact that innovative technologies have on the quality of public services; with that said, it continuously strives to make life easier for citizens and modernize the work of civil servants. With the eGovernment Development Programme in the Republic of Serbia for the period 2020-2022, we have paved the way for the construction of the cutting-edge digital administration”, Mačužić Puzić has concluded.


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