In order to strengthen cooperation with the civil sector, in addition to the legislative framework, transparent financing and participation of civil society in the creation of public policies is extremely crucial, stated Assistant Minister Ivana Antić.

At the conference “One step closer to citizens through dialogue”, she reminded that the Law on Associations was adopted in 2009, which liberalized the conditions for the establishment of associations.

“The legal framework is very significant for further upgrading in this area and strengthening the civil sector”, she said.

She reminded that comparative legal analysis showed that our legislative framework in this area is quite good compared to the surrounding countries, but also some countries with a longer democratic tradition, adding that there was room for further improvement.

State Secretary Ivan Bošnjak said that the implementation of the Action Plan for the implementation of the Public Administration Reform Strategy showed that the success of its implementation depended on the ability to reach the widest possible strata of Serbian society, for which civil society organizations have proven to be a reliable partner.

“What awaits us all in the coming period, given that we have started work on a new Public Administration Reform Strategy, is a continuation in developing democratic dialogue as a way to involve citizens in decision-making, thus bring the views of decision-makers closer with those whose everyday lives shall be affected, we hope, only positively”, concluded Bošnjak.

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