“Thanks to the effort which civil servants invest in the development of personal and professional knowledge and skills, year after year we can boast of more and more efficient provision of services to citizens, as well as of impressive numbers. During last year alone, more than 5.5 million citizens did not have to submit documents on their personal status in various procedures, because the authorities obtained such documentation ex officio from the Register of Births. Also, 448 civil servants, who are tasked with updating the Single Electoral Roll, made nearly 960,000 decisions upon which the changes in the electoral roll are based,” the Minister of Public Administration and Local Self-Government, Aleksandar Martinović, PhD, has said at the conference “Sectoral Special Professional Training in Local Self-Government Units”, which is organized by MDULS.

Martinović has pointed out that the participation and support of civil servants in the establishment of a new system of professional training shows that it is beginning to achieve the desired reform goal, and that is equal access to the right to professional training for all employees in the public administration, regardless of where they live and work. He has recalled that the Serbian administration had built a professional development system in just five years, which made it one of the most developed in Europe, and which today serves as an example to many countries in the region and beyond.

“Professional training of employees at LSUs has taken one of the central spots in the process of Public Administration Reform because it is the best mechanism for improving the administrative capacities at the local level, which are currently not sufficiently developed, and which are expected to implement more than 70% of policies in the European integration process. Therefore, our plans are to conduct additional work in that field, because if we want to maintain the upward trend of development and the quality of services, we need to provide the employees, first of all, with the opportunity to continuously improve their competencies by participating in all forms of professional training organized by MDULS and NAPA”, Martinović has stressed and added that only with the support of professional development can the civil servant profession easily change and adapt to the modern times and transform into an administration tailored to all of us.

In the introductory part of the conference, the Minister of Family Welfare and Demography, Prof. Darija Kisić, PhD, and the State Secretary of the MoI, Danilo Stevandić, made their addresses.

After that, in the continuation of the event, the State Secretary of the Ministry of Education and Culture and the President of the Council for Professional Training of Employees at LSUs, Maja Mačužić Puzić, spoke about the new system of professional training as a for of support for building the capacity of LSUs, while the assistant minister, Jasmina Benmansur, spoke about sectoral special professional training in LSUs in 2023, as well as on development plans in the following period.

This year’s conference was dedicated to registrars and civil servants who perform the tasks of updating the Single Electoral Roll, and who, through their work, commitment, results and willingness to learn and improve, have, in recent years, made an immeasurable contribution to the digital, administrative and cultural transformation of public administration in its entirety.

At the end of the event, certificates have been awarded to the best implementers of sectoral special training programmes in Local Self-government Units in 2022, while the most successful LSUs in respect of sectoral special professional training during the same period were also highlighted.

Photo gallery – source: Tanjug

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