“Ever since 2018, the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government has continuously been aiding the implementation of very important projects in the Municipality of Varvarin. I am particularly glad that this year we managed to allocate RSD 16 million from the fund for local development of the Ministry for the complete rehabilitation of the Municipal Administration building, which was built prior to the Second World War and which hadn’t seen any investments since then”, the Minister of Public Administration and Local Self-Government, Aleksandar Martinović, PhD, has said during his visit to the Municipality of Varvarin.

On this occasion, Martinović had visited the final works on the rehabilitation of the municipal library building, which was also helped by MDULS, and expressed his satisfaction that the citizens of Varvarin will soon receive an impressive building of the Cultural Centre.

The One-Stop-Shop was established in Varvarin two years ago, which enabled the municipality to provide the residents of Varvarin with modern services which the State had made available to its citizens and the economy.

“OSS is an important service which greatly facilitates the citizens’ communication with municipal administration bodies, and greatly expedites a whole series of administrative procedures. I would like to stress that the OSS in Varvarin is specific in that, in addition to the municipal administration counter, it also includes a real estate cadastre service. By linking of the state authority with the municipal authorities, the procedure for issuing building permits was accelerated,” Martinović has said.

Emphasizing that the State cares about the development of the Rasina Administrative District, the minister has said that he will inform the members of the Government of the Republic of Serbia about all the problems which the Municipality of Varvarin is facing.

“We will continue to support all those projects that are important for the citizens of Varvarin. The president of the municipality introduced me to the problem of the lack of water-supply and sewage networks in a large number of local communities. Work had already begun on resolving this problem, whereby works are underway in four settlements, and I hope that, in the coming period, we will be able to provide all settlements with clean drinking water and a sewage network with separators,” Martinović has said.

Martinović has recalled that works on the construction of the Morava Corridor are underway, which shall, among other things, greatly contribute to the overall development of this region and the arrival of investors, which will, first of all, enable youth to stay in Varvarin, Ćićevac and all other municipalities of the Rasina Administrative District.

According to the President of the Municipality of Varvarin, Violeta Lutovac Đurđević, PhD, MDULS has been an extremely good partner for cooperation for years when it comes to the development of this local self-government, and all implemented projects are the result of this cooperation.

During his visit to the Municipality of Varvarin, Martinović held a meeting with the Head of the Rasina Administrative District, Ivan Anđelić, the President of the Municipality of Varvarin, Violeta Lutovac Đurđević, PhD, and her associates.


Photo gallery – source: MDULS

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