The Minister of Public Administration and Local Self-Government, Aleksandar Martinović, PhD, has visited today the Municipality of Mionica, whose development of an efficient public lighting system will be supported this year by the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government with funds from the Fund within the Support Programme for the Development and Functioning of the Local Self-Government System.

On this occasion, Martinović has visited the municipal service centre, as well as the assembly hall, where work is underway on the introduction of the e-Parliament system, the first phase of which was supported by MDULS in the amount of RSD 3.3 million. The minister has stated that the second phase will be completed during this year, which will cover the sessions of the municipal assembly with an electronic system.

“In the previous period, I have visited several municipal service centres, and I must stress that the municipal service centre in Mionica left the best impression on me. Everything looks impressive, which shows that, despite it being a small municipality positioned in the mountainous regions, Mionica is absolutely ready to be digitized. That’s precisely the goal of the Government of the Republic of Serbia – for every village in our country to be covered by broadband internet access by the end of 2025, which will make citizens’ life easier,” Martinović has stressed.

Pointing out that Mionica is an example of good municipal management, the minister has praised the mayor of the municipality.

“Mionica received significant funds from the Budget of the Republic of Serbia thanks to the efforts and work of its leadership, and on the other hand, the State itself and the Serbian people are beholden to this entire region, especially in respect of its valiant sacrifice in the First World War, that we have an obligation to help the people who are living in it. We are also committed to this goal in respect of all other citizens – from Subotica to Vranje, from Loznica to Zaječar and Negotin – in order to improve their lives and enable them to start families in their hometowns, which is the policy of the President of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, and the Government of the Republic of Serbia,” Martinović has concluded.

Martinović has pointed out that the basic role of MDULS is to be a link between the local self-government, the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the administrative districts, as well as that he, as the relevant minister, has undertaken the obligation to inform other members of the Government about the current issues at the local level, in order to jointly find possible solutions.

After the meeting with the President of the Municipality of Mionica, Boban Janković, the Head of the Kolubara Administrative District, Miloš Milutinović, and the Head of the Municipal Administration, Borislav Budalić, Martinović had visited the birthplace of Field Marshal Živojin Mišić in the village of Strugaonik, as well as the agricultural farm of Zoran Joksimović in the village of Rajković.


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