The Minister of Public Administration and Local Self-Government, Aleksandar Martinović, PhD, has officially opened the newly built school gym at the Primary School “Filip Višnjić” in the village of Višnjićevo, in the Municipality of Šid. The Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government had helped the construction of the school gym with nearly RSD 30 million.

On this occasion, Martinović had wished the students of this primary school, as well as all other residents of Višnjićevo, to use the school gym as often as possible.

“Everything that the Republic of Serbia and its President Aleksandar Vučić do is actually for the benefit of our children. Should we find ourselves in a situation of having no children, and if there is no one left to succeed us, all of our efforts and the great results we have achieved in the past years, in respect of economic development and building roads and other infrastructure, building hospitals and schools, strengthening the army and other successes, would be in vain,” Martinović has emphasized, adding that it was a great honour for him to come to Višnjićevo, the place where the most famous Serbian poet and fiddler, Filip Višnjić, lived all his life.

Stating that the Municipality of Šid is visibly developing year by year, and that “life had returned” to its territory, Martinović has pointed out that the Government, together with the Ministry which he heads, shall continue to invest in this municipality.

“Šid is a strategically important place. It is located in the vicinity of two countries – Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic of Croatia, so it is important for us that it be strong and developed, and to have as many children and investments as possible. Last week, we signed a contract on the implementation of the project of adaptation and rehabilitation of the school gym at the Primary School “Branko Radičević” in the settlement of Bačinci. For this project, Šid shall receive RSD 25 million from the Budget Fund of the Ministry,” Martinović has said.

During his visit to this municipality, Martinović had held a meeting with the Head of the Srem Administrative District, Perica Gaković, and the President of the Municipality of Šid, Zoran Semenović, as well as with the rest of the local leadership.

Also, on this occasion, Martinović had visited the Art Gallery “Sava Šumanović” and the Museum of Naive Art “Ilijanum”, at which MUDLS is providing assistance in respect of the introduction of a video-surveillance system.

Photo gallery – source: Municipality of Šid

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