Today, MDULS presented a new e-government service in the software solution for professional exams –  the Inspector Exam.

Another one in a line of services MDULS provides within the electronic administrative position (eJUM), which enables the application of candidates for the State Professional Exam, the Special Professional Exam for the Registrar, and now the Inspector Exam.

Minister Marija Obradović said that this is another successful MDULS project, which, as one of the main carriers of the reform processes in the field of eGovernment, pays much attention to the development of this important area for our society. She added that the goal is to put an efficient and user-oriented administration in the function of a networked, integrated and automated way of working within the administration itself and at all levels of government.

“By permanently investing in the development of eGovernment, we want to enable a more transparent, efficient, and inclusive development of public administration, which will be able to provide personalized and fully digitalized public services to citizens and the economy, tailored to their needs,” said Minister Obradović.

The development of such a system was a challenge, given that it was built according to the highest standards of eGovernment, in which all processes are digitalized and take place in real-time, without paper and with full electronic communication with users, which proved very important at the time of the Covid 19 pandemic, when access to such services was the most needed, said Minister Obradović.She added that this process will reach its full capacity with the adoption of the new Public Administration Reform Strategy in the Republic of Serbia for the 2021-2030 period, and she expressed the expectation that the MDULS’ excellent cooperation on this and other projects will continue with the Office for Information Technology and Electronic Administration and said that MDULS will continue to direct its activities towards further improving services within eJUM and the introduction of new services such as the Exam for the Communal Militiaman.

Director of the Office for IT and eGovernment Mihailo Jovanović, who provided professional assistance and support to MDULS in the development of this service, said that the Office will continue to support all government agencies, especially MDULS, in order to develop new eServices for citizens, economy and the state. He presented the plans for further development of eGovernment but also reminded of the services by which the Office is recognizable. Also, Jovanović emphasized that the Office will continue to work on improving the services that the management provides to the administration, and whose example is the service that was presented today.Assistant Minister for Professional Development Jasmina Benmansur presented the new software solution in detail and said that this service, as well as improvements to previous services, will be available from March 1 this year and that the next service in this project, the Communal Militiaman Exam, will be available by the end of this year.

An electronic administrative place or eJUM MDULS is a software solution that allows candidates to apply for these three types of exams in one place and represents a service provided by the administration to the administration, i.e. the G2G system (government to government), in which government agencies submit online applications for their employees to take the exam.

MDULS has also produced four video tutorials that serve to make it easier to get acquainted with the system and the new way it works, and which can be found on the official MDULS Youtube channel.

Today’s presentation was followed by over 200 officials of various state bodies and bodies of local self-government units for whom this service is intended, as well as the State Secretary of MDULS Dragan Potpar.

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