The Minister of Public Administration and Local Self-Government, Aleksandar Martinović, PhD, has visited the Municipality of Aranđelovac, where he toured the space in the attic of the municipal administration building, which the municipality intends to rehabilitate, expand and turn into an assembly hall. For the implementation of this project, the local self-government plans to apply for MDULS funds.

Martinović has pointed out that the rehabilitation of the already existing roof of the municipal building, followed by the rehabilitation of the attic space itself, as well as the covering of the floor terrace, is primarily necessary, and announced the possibility that MDULS would support the implementation of the said project worth approximately RSD 38 million during the next year. In this way, the municipality would primarily get a hall for holding sessions of the MA Aranđelovac, which are normally held in the Youth Center, and as he said, the eParliament system would be implemented in it afterwards.
Pointing to the previous excellent cooperation between the said municipality and the Ministry headed by him, Martinović has recalled that MDULS had supported, among other things, the improvement of the water supply system in Aranđelovac, the digitization of municipal public services and the introduction of e-administration, as well as the project of establishing a One-Stop-Shop, which he visited on this occasion.

“I am sure that the citizens of Aranđelovac have witnessed for themselves the quality and importance of this modern mechanism that the State has made available to them, which saves them time and money to a great extent”, Martinović has stated and pointed out that the OSS in Aranđelovac is one of the few that contain the Real Estate Cadastre counter, which is a good example of how State and local self-government bodies function in one place, and that Serbia is taking big strides forward on the road to digitizing its public administration.

Recalling that the President of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, and the entire Government of the Republic of Serbia implement a policy of balanced regional development, and that the welfare of the citizens is of utmost importance, Martinović has emphasized that the development of Aranđelovac, as well as of the entire Šumadija Administrative District, will always be supported, because we owe it to the citizens, but also to our ancestors, given that the struggle for Serbian freedom had started precisely from Šumadija, which was and still remains the cradle of modern Serbian statehood. He added that the problems that Aranđelovac faces, as well as the problems of other municipalities and cities, can only be solved through synergy between the local self-government and the State.

During his visit to Aranđelovac, the minister held a meeting with the President of this Municipality, Bojan Radović, and his associates, and donated laptops to the municipal administration to encourage the development and functioning of e-administration. Also, together with the local leadership, the minister has visited the “Eden” winery in the village of Ranilović, between Kosmaj and Bukulja.


Photo gallery – source: MDULS

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