Ever since MDULS initiated a new mechanism of cooperation with mayors and presidents of municipalities in the Republic of Serbia, the regular working meetings every Thursday from 2 pm to 7 pm, more than 50 such meetings have been held with leading people from the local level of government.

In this way, MDULS is more actively involved in solving the problems of local self-government units, provides support for ideas and projects aimed at improving the services provided by local self-government units to citizens, provides support to new leaders who have not held leadership positions in local self-governments so far, as well as women who run cities and municipalities or who are at the head of local governments, of which there are 150 in Serbia today.

In the past two months, the focus of discussions with city and municipal leaders was on the preparation of projects with which local self-governments applied for the distribution of funds from the Budget Fund, which this year amounts to half a billion dinars and is intended for the implementation of previously started or new projects, for which are not enough funds in the local self-governments’ funds (equipping sports halls, equipping schools and kindergartens, repairing the rain sewer network, asphalting rural streets or roads, repairing street lighting, organizing important cultural events, etc.).

Regular meetings with local government leaders represent a new mechanism of the way MDULS works, with the aim of strengthening partnerships and support to cities and municipalities led by Minister Marija Obradović with state secretaries and associates.

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