The Minister of Public Administration and Local Self-Government, Marija Obradović, and the Director of the United Nations Office in Belgrade, Mari Yamashita, have talked today on the topic of gender equality and strengthening the position of women in public and political life.

Minister Obradović has pointed out the progress that the State has made in this area, stressing that Serbia has a gender-responsible government today and that a larger number of women are present in the Parliament, but that more work is needed in order to empower them at the local level.

“As the Minister of Public Administration and Local Self-Government, I introduced 22 local female leaders to the Network of Women Mayors and Presidents of Municipalities, with the goal of their easier communication, exchange of experiences and mutual support in their work. It turned out that the Network is of great importance to them in solving the challenges they face and for better management of the local self-governments they are heading,” Obradović has said.

She has added that it is necessary to increase the percentage of women in political parties and on decision-making positions, and to further empower them to participate in politics. According to her, the progress achieved in this area can yield a good result in the long run.

Ms. Yamashita has praised Serbia’s efforts to improve the position of women in public life, stating that the results so far have been encouraging.

The participation of women in activities aimed at promoting peace and conflict prevention in the region was also discussed at the meeting, which the United Nations are trying to support as part of its agenda related to women, peace and security.

Obradović and Jamašita have said that the cooperation between the Ministry and the United Nations Office in Belgrade shall be intensified in the future.

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