MDULS State Secretary Maja Mačužić Puzić visited Vranje today, where she talked with commanders and chiefs of staffs for emergency situations from the Pčinja administrative district about repairing the consequences of the floods that have swept this region in the past month, but also the proactive action aimed at preventive activities, meant to prevent the negative consequences of new natural disasters.

The meeting, which was attended by the Mayor of Vranje, Dr. Slobodan Milenković, and the State Secretary of the Ministry of the Interior, Bojan Jocić, as well as the Republic’s Chief of Staff for Emergency Situations, Luka Čaušić, aimed at preventive action and a joint approach to preventing catastrophic consequences caused by natural disasters in the future.

Mačužić Puzić invited local self-government units from the territory of the Pčinja administrative district to submit projects for obtaining financial support in preventive action and remediation of the consequences of natural disasters at the MDULS competition. She pointed out that she expects that the representatives of the cities and municipalities of the Pčinja district to take an active part in determining priorities, preparing projects, and after that in their realization, in order to spend the funds in an efficient and purposeful way.

From the meeting with the commanders and chiefs of staffs for emergency situations from the area of ​​the Pčinja administrative district, it was ordered that such talks and meetings will be conducted on the territory of the entire country.

Today’s visit to Vranje by the Secretary of State Mačužić Puzić is one in a series of planned visits to local government units in the country, aimed at providing support, identifying problems they face, but also the ways in which MDULS can help provide citizens with higher quality services provided by local authorities.

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