“Stable and efficient institutions at all levels, which are the holders of simple and easy exercising of citizens’ rights and the improvement of their quality of life, are necessary for the promotion and realization of human rights, as well as for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. The process of Public Administration Reform, which the Ministry coordinates, concerns the building of such capacities”, the State Secretary of the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government, Stevan Gligorin, has said at the “Human Rights Forum – Serbia in 2021”.

Addressing the attendees on behalf of Minister Marija Obradović at the panel “Poverty and Sustainable Development Goals”, Gligorin has pointed out that the drafting and adoption of a new Public Administration Reform Strategy should be approached, inter alia, in order to better align this reform process with Sustainable Development Goals.

Gligorin has added that the digitization of public services and the development of eGovernment have made a strong contribution to ensuring the functioning of the healthcare and education systems in the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic. He has reminded the attendees that in the previous period, numerous eServices and contact centres have been developed in order to support citizens and implement services such as submission of applications for vaccination or obtaining certificates of immunization.

“I am convinced that the process of Public Administration Reform, through the development of responsible and effective institutions, shall contribute to further improving the quality of life in Serbia and further sustainable development,” Gligorin has concluded.

Today’s Forum was organized on the occasion of 10 December, marking the International Human Rights Day.

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