“Nova Crnja is one of the municipalities where members of different ethnic communities, primarily Serbs and Hungarians, live together in peace and harmony. The Government of the Republic of Serbia shall continue to pursue a policy of fostering good inter-ethnic relations and strengthening cooperation with Hungary, which has proven to be a sincere friend of our country in many difficult situations. In the eyes of the State leadership, all citizens of Serbia are equal members of the society, so it is important for us to cultivate harmony and togetherness, as well as to work together towards the economic development of this part of the country,” the Minister of Public Administration and Local Self-Government, Aleksandar Martinović, PhD, has said in Nova Crnja.

After visiting the assembly hall, in which the eParliament system was implemented with the financial assistance of the Ministry, as well as the park in the settlement of Vojvoda Stepa, the landscaping of which was supported by MDULS with RSD 2.8 million, Martinović has emphasized that the institution he heads shall remain a stable and reliable partner of Nova Crnja in respect of implementation of future projects which are important for the local populace. He had expressed hope that the Budget Fund of the Ministry would be significantly larger in the coming year, as it would allow for more funds to be allocated for aiding small, underdeveloped municipalities.

The minister has also visited the plant of the company “MEHLER PROTECTIVE SYSTEM DOO”, which represents an example of successful cooperation between the economy and local self-government, which is engaged in the production of parts for military uniforms and employs around 80 people, mostly women. On this occasion, Martinović was presented with a project for the construction of a new production hall in the working zone of Nova Crnja, which, according to him, is very good, which is why the local self-government will receive support at the national level in order to attract new large investments in the coming period.

Martinović has praised the local leadership for continuously fighting for the development and strengthening of capacities in Nova Crnja, noting that this is one of the few municipalities which, from its own budget, aids small agricultural producers, who find it difficult to survive on the market in competition with large companies. The President of the Municipality of Nova Crnja, Vladimir Brakus, has said that his team shall continue to be guided by the advice of the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government and the Government of the Republic of Serbia, as well as to listen to the needs of the citizens, so that the municipal administration could adequately respond to their needs and demands in the future.

The minister has also visited the Office for Poverty Reduction, as well as the memorial house of Đura Jakšić in Srpska Crnja, where he singed the book of impressions. His visit was also an opportunity to donate laptops to the municipal administration of the Municipality of Nova Crnja, in order to encourage the development and functioning of e-administration.


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