The Minister of Public Administration and Local Self-Government, Aleksandar Martinović, together with the President of the Municipality of Osečina, Nikola Tomić, visited the high school building within the “Braća Nedić” Educational Center today, where the reconstruction work should soon be continued. In Osečina, the minister also visited the premises of the municipal office, which are planned to be adapted into a single administrative center. Both of these projects will be implemented with the financial support of the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government, which allocated a total of 42.6 million RSD for these purposes from this year’s Local Fund and through the Support Program for the establishment of a single administrative post.

Recalling that last year the ministry provided RSD 36 million for the first phase of the reconstruction of the high school building, Minister Martinović pointed out the importance of cooperation between the ministry and the municipality, stating that its establishment has brought great benefits to the residents of Osečina.

He emphasized that the successful partnership of the government and local self-government will continue in the future, expressing the expectation that by the end of the year, high school students from this region will receive a completely renovated place for schooling, and the teaching staff will have better conditions for teaching.

Having said that the contract was recently signed with the municipality of Osečina and 13 other municipalities on the allocation of financial resources for the implementation of the project “unique administrative center”, the minister explained that the JAC is one of the most important concepts within the long-term reform of public administration, and that the goal is better availability of public administration services, both for citizens and the business sector. As he said, the one-stop window system is part of the wider reform process of the public administration and local self-government, but also an integral part of the key government policy, the focus of which is digitization and the modern development of the country.

Minister Martinović also pointed to the immeasurable importance of what the President of the Republic, Aleksandar Vučić, calls the “integral development of the whole of Serbia” as a priority goal to be pursued. As he said, in this regard, he will inform his colleagues from the Government about the situation on the local site and the need to help the municipality of Osečina in the maintenance of local uncategorized road routes. He stated that it is only through the synergy of the government and the local self-government units that major steps can be made when it comes to an even better quality of life for citizens.

The minister visited the enterprise “Krušik-plastika” in Osečina, and the farm of Dragan Filipović in the village of Lopatanj.

Photo gallery – the source Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government


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