Today, the representatives of the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) in Serbia, led by Director Mikel Telatin, visited MDULS, where they talked with Minister Marija Obradović about cooperating on existing projects and improving their cooperation in the coming period.

The collocutors agreed that the cooperation on projects between UNOPS and MDULS was very good so far, and considered the possibility of its improvement and defining new projects in establishing the principles of good governance, social inclusion, and gender equality at the local level, with donor support.

The UNOPS representatives informed the Minister that the Swiss government plans to continue supporting municipal development by promoting good governance and social inclusion, which will, among other things, also be aimed at informal women’s networks at the local level, where MDULS would be the main partner in the project.

Minister Obradović welcomed the idea of women leaders ​​networking at the local level, bearing in mind that about 150 women in cities and municipalities occupy key positions, but they operate with borrowed power and now need to show that they are capable of doing the jobs they have taken over.

The collocutors agreed that it is strategically important to connect women at the head of local self-government units through specific project activities, which they will work on together in the coming period.

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