The Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government has developed a Unified List of Tasks at the Local Government Level, which contains original and entrusted tasks in certain areas and serves to identify local government competencies, more efficiently apply regulations, and ultimately, can be used as an analytical and planning tool for a more functional division of work among different levels of government. In addition to the above, the unified list of tasks contains the exact legal description of tasks, their legal bases (full name of the law and the number of articles of the law by which a task has been determined), as well as the competent authority that performs them.

The Unified List of Tasks covers the following areas: finance, construction and infrastructure, spatial planning, public information, public transport, utilities, culture, science and technological development, defence, emergencies, data secrecy, education, youth, general administration, agriculture, economy and regional development, labour relations, employment, veterans’ issues, mining and geological research, traffic, local self-government, personal status of citizens, personal state of citizens, keeping registers and voting rights, social protection, sports, housing, trade, tourism and catering, telecommunications, veterinary, health, environmental protection, energy, inspection and administrative supervision.

The Unified List of Tasks was updated as of September 2019 and in the future it shall be updated in accordance with changes in regulations that determine the tasks of local self-government units.

The Unified List of Tasks was drafted on the basis of data obtained from local self-government units and state administration bodies, with the support of the Government of the Swiss Confederation within the project “Support to the Implementation of the Action Plan of the Public Administration Reform Strategy – Local Self-Government Reform 2016-2019″.

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