PROJECT NAME: “Local Self-Government for the 21st Century”


DONOR: Government of the Swiss Confederation

VALUE: 2,5 million CHF

PARTNERS: Government of the Republic Secretariat for Public Policy and Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities.

PROJECT GOAL: Systemic reforms in order to strengthen local governments in accordance with Public administration reform strategy that leads to more efficient local self-government, better services, participatory-democratic processes, and planning, based on facts on the local level for the benefit of the citizens of Serbia.

The project is focused on activities in the field of local self-government reform, decentralization, capacity building and securing better use of resources on the local self-government level for providing the services to citizens and economic entities in accordance with legal competencies, and greater citizen participation, improvements in the electoral system and improvements in the planning system on the local level.

Project activities in the next four-year period will be focused on further reform of the system of local self-government, development of the local self-government system reform program with the Action plan, improving the electoral system on the local level, implementation of the Law on Local Self-Government, the Law on Referendum and Civic Initiative, Law on Planning System of the Republic of Serbia, development of functional analysis and functional models with a support fund for their implementation, capacity building in local self-government units, as well as support for the establishment or improvement of inter/municipal cooperation of local self-government units through the inter-municipal cooperation fund. Work on improvement business information system-database of local self-government units will continue, In cooperation with a partner, the Republic Secretariat for Public Policy.

PROJECT REALIZATION PERIOD: June 2020 – February 2024


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