Administrative procedure reform

One of the first activities that gave a strong impetus to the change of the administration’s work was the adoption of the new Law on General Administrative Procedure on February 29, 2016. The reason for the changes to this key law was clear: “One of the basic goals of the Government of the Republic of Serbia is to establish a modern, orderly, efficient and effective state. The Law on General Administrative Procedure is a powerful mechanism of the long-awaited enforceable policy of transformation of public administration into the service of citizens and economy.”


The Law on General Administrative Procedure, known in Serbia as ZUP, is considered crucial for providing more efficient and quality services to citizens, and at the same time important for contributing to improving legal security and improving the economic environment.


Essentially, the Act brought a crucial change that relates to the obligation of administration to exchange data and documents from official records among themselves in any possible way.


Given that digitization is an important segment of the reform, the Government of the Republic of Serbia has also provided a mechanism for electronic data exchange – the eZUP platform. The eZUP information system is a sophisticated tool for electronic data exchange of all public administration bodies, which is a major step in automating administrative procedures and a significant step towards the introduction of modern electronic administration in Serbia. In this way, the state turns to the citizens through faster and more efficient work of the administrative bodies, both at the central and the local level.


Today eZUP connects 18 databases of eight major institutions in Serbia: Vital records based in our Ministry, Ministry of Interior database, Tax Administration, Pension Fund, National Employment Service, Central Registry of Compulsory Social Security, Republic Geodetic Authority and Ministry of Justice.

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