Bošnjak: Good administration at the local level for roma men and women

“The Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government is completing the legal framework in order to further actively involve persons belonging to minorities, in particular, the Roma men and women, into social processes,” State Secretary, Ivan Bošnjak said at the presentation of the joint program of the Council of Europe and the European Commission ROMACTED “Promoting Good Governance and Roma Empowerment at Local Level.” Bošnjak thanked international partners for supporting the empowerment of the Roma community and said that laws which are already good are being improved to overcome the shortcomings that have arisen in their implementation. ‘’Further decentralization of tasks and responsibilities is the next task before all of us. Life is happening at the local level and the main challenge is to address the problems in the simplest way where they are generated in local environments,” said the State Secretary. He reminded that elections for national minority councils will be held in the second half of the year and invited those present to contribute to the participation of as many of our citizens, persons belonging to national minorities, as possible in this process. 11 local self-governments are involved in ROMACTED program aimed at building political will and sustainable policies through the involvement of local authorities. The ceremony at which the project was presented was attended by Tim Cartwright, Head of Mission of the Council of Europe, Zorana Mihajlović, Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of Serbia, and President of the Roma National Minority Council, Tefik Ramadanović.