“The citizens of Petrovac upon Mlava should be proud of their municipal administration, which has shown in the previous period that it is capable of simultaneously working on both utility and infrastructural projects, as well as on the smart city development project. A lot of resources have been invested in Petrovac upon Mlava in previous years, while in the previous two years alone, MDULS had invested a total of around RSD 137 million in various projects,” the Minister of Public Administration and Local Self-Government, Marija Obradović, has said after a meeting with the management of the Municipality of Petrovac upon Mlava and tour of works on projects financed by MDULS.

She has pointed out that during her mandate, she personally witnessed the quality of the projects for which the municipality applied for funds from the Government of Serbia on various grounds. MDULS had invested in a preschool institution in Petrovac upon Mlava, because the story of increasing the birth birth cannot be sustainable without investing into everything that precedes it, as well as that follows it. It is a complex topic to which the Government of Serbia is extremely committed, and which has been set as a priority in its work, Obradović has stated.

“MDULS had provided assistance in constructing a playground, a kitchen and a laundry room in the preschool institutions and its facilities in Petrovac upon Mlava, because I personally, as well as politically, find it important, with the aim of improving the conditions and raising the standard for the children’s stay at the said institution. MDULS had also financed mobile anti-flood system from the budget’s fund, while significant funds from EIB loan have been allocated for the refurbishing of the façade of the municipal building,” Obradović has pointed out.

In addition, according to her, apart from working on utility and infrastructural projects, Petrovac upon Mlava and MDULS are also working together with partners from Korea on the smart city development project, in order for Petrovac upon Mlava to become one of the first three smart cities in Serbia.

“The citizens of Petrovac upon Mlava should know that their municipal administration is very serious about the quality of projects, and that it shows exceptional commitment, passion and patriotism towards its municipality,” Obradović has said.

After the meeting with the management of the municipality and a tour of the works, Minister Obradović has attended the ceremonial session of the Municipal Council of Petrovac upon Mlava on the occasion of celebration of the Municipality Day, where she was presented with the award “4. June”, which is awarded for contribution to the improvement and development of the municipality.

After receiving the award, in her address at the session, she has stressed that she was proud that Petrovac upon Mlava recognized MDULS as a credible partner and as an institution which supported the municipality in its efforts to further develop and modernize itself. She has added that Petrovac upon Mlava is a place full of potential for higher quality of life, and that she hopes that such potential shall be utilized in the right way, so that the municipality becomes an environment where people want to stay, start their families and raise their children.

“Neither built roads nor beautiful parks, streets, squares and everything we do to improve the work of local administrations and turn them into a modern service for citizens will be of any worth if we don’t have citizens to enjoy them. A country that has children is a country that has a future, because everything that we have been building and working on persistently for the last 10 years can only be left to future generations. That is why it is important for  everyone in their department to help in changing the demographic structure of our society for the better, so that more children are born in Serbia and so that we can all fight for a higher birth rate together,” Obradović has concluded.