EUR 5 million of German support to public administration reform in Serbia

Minister Branko Ružić expressed his deep gratitude for the support provided by the Federal Republic of Germany in the process of implementation of the public administration reform in Serbia. “Public administration reform is a permanent process and an essential precondition for successful implementation of reform principles and goals in all areas of the society,” he said, adding that what we are aiming at is to maximally improve the work of public administration, provide high quality services to citizens and business people and create such an administration that contributes to the economic stability of Serbia and increases citizens living standard. The agreement signed today represents a continuation of cooperation on the project implemented by GIZ. Its initial value of EUR 1.5 million has been increased to EUR 5 million. The project has mostly contributed the to our work on the implementation of the Law on the General Administrative Procedure, thus simplifying procedures and processes within the administration, improving our communication and reducing the burden on citizens and businessmen in terms of not requiring them to submit numerous documents that are already in our database, the Minister said. GIZ Director for Serbia, Gerhard Sippel, said that it is a pleasure to support Serbia in this venture and that they are grateful for the successful cooperation that will be most felt by Serbian citizens.