Ruzic: Efficient administration must be a standard

Minister of State Administration and Local Self-Government, Branko Ruzic has said today that efficient and helpful local self-government must be a standard, and that the Bill on the National Academy is a revolutionary thing for our citizens.

At the meeting on human resources management, he stressed that he was glad to talk about a topic that is essential to all plans set by his Ministry.

“We are not talking about politics, but about people who directly affect the lives of our citizens through their work. We are working on transforming the local self-government into a modern, capable, economical and accountable self-government,” Ruzic said.

The Minister added that he expects amendments to the Act on Employees in AP Vojvodina and Local Self-Government Units to be forwarded to the National Assembly very soon, since, in his words, they introduce the improvements needed for further work of the National Academy.

“The administration and officers need to catch up with the trends in order to respond to the demands of the private sector and citizens. We are aware that only good, motivated, adequately deployed staff ensures the efficiency needed for wider social development,” said Ruzic.

Whence the desire, says the Minister, to incorporate the EU experiences, models and knowledge in human resource management into our systems at all levels.