Ruzic: We are building efficient administration on a daily basis

Minister of State Administration and Local Self-Government, Branko Ruzic has said today at the meeting with the World Bank mission that Serbia has committed itself in the passed strategic documents to organizing efficient, economical and obliging public administration and services.

The goal is to make the public administration relatively smaller, less costly and more efficient and thus support economic growth. “We are aligning with the needs of citizens and the economy – from services at counters, transfer of knowledge in schools, to health care, social protection and culture,” said the Minister.

We are undertaking concrete activities to establish an equitable public service system based on merit and competencies to the benefit of Serbian citizens.

“I am convinced that the effect of establishing a performance appraisal and reward system based on performance and engagement will result in increased employee motivation and, ultimately, better quality of services in health care, education, culture, social protection …”, said Ruzic and added that the Act on Public Service Employees would soon be before the MPs.

Total number of public administration employees at all levels is within the statutory scope. “Standards and priorities within each sector have been examined so as not to jeopardize the functioning of the state and the implementation of reforms” ​​ said Ruzic and explained that there is a real need for strengthening health care and inspection services staff.

Minister Ruzic has thanked the World Bank on their support for the Serbian Government in its reforms.