The Minister of Public Administration and Local Self-Government, Branko Ružić, wished a happy International Human Rights Day to all citizens of Serbia.

“Today, Serbia is a good, notable example of a country which has raised its protection of human and minority rights to the level of highest international standards. This year has been marked by the improvement of the rights of persons belonging to minorities, which has sent another message to the world that we cn all, together, respecting each other, enriching each other, build Serbia as a modern, tolerant, multi-ethnic society, with a place for all those who love this country and accept it as their own”, stated the Minister.

He emphasized that observance and improvement of human rights was an important segment of the state policy of Serbia, and that today was an opportunity to remind ourselves of the importance of the observance of rights and dignity of each individual.

“With a desire for today’s messages to inspire us to mutual respect, trust and tolerance, I wish all Serbian citizens a happy International Human Rights Day”, said Ružić.